Scientific Contributions

Participants are invited to present scientific contributions in the form of abstracts and posters.

Every abstract should correspond to a poster. Selected Authors will be notified through e-mail.

Submission deadline: 15/02/2010

Submission will be only through e-mail.

Title your e-mail: ABSTRACT SUBMISSION

Send the Abstract as a Word for Windows attached file to:

Computer program: Word for Windows
Language: English
Dimensions: 2200 characters (spaces included), or 2000 characters (spaces included) and 2 references, or 1500 characters (spaces included), 2 references and 1 figure/table
1) Text and Font: Times New Roman with 12 point font. Justified. Single space after the title.
2) Authors. Times New Roman with 12 point font. Justified. Author’s full first name should be included. Type a comma between Authors. Presenting Authors should be underlined.
3) Affiliation. Not bold, not capital. Not italics. 11 point.
Justified. Only the affiliation of the presenting Author should be included. The address should include: Institution, Department, City, Country and e-mail of the presenting Author. Single space after the Affiliation.
4) Text. 12 point font. If possible, include a concluding statement.
5) Images. They should be saved as a separate file (100x150 mm) in JPEG format, in black and white and should have a resolution of 300 dpi.




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